Rider Profile

Johnathan Freter: USCF Category 1
Team: Challenge Tires - SRAM CX Team
Years Cycling: 6 Age: 29
Height: 6ft Weight: 145
Days/Month: 0 Miles YTD: 0 Days YTD: 0
Resides: Columbus, OH/Columbia, KY
Occupation: Student / Cyclist
Favorite Food: Anything with Oreos or milk chocolate, or a good brick oven pizza
Favorite Ride: Mount Lemmon, Mount Evens, CO
Favorite Quote: "Cheaters never win" "Pain is temporary, quiting lasts forever!"
Why I Ride: It is the same as asking why do I breath... Start of my third season for a new team, the Astellas Professional Cycling Team!
Other Years: